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Tree Tredici Yoga, was born from the passion of Aerial Yoga, for the beauty of this practice, for being a challenging, progressive and therapeutic work. 



When the clock strikes 13, breathing slows down, the nature sounds louder and the threads are intertwined.


When the clock strikes 13, the time stops, and the bodies float. In that emptiness arises Tree Tredici, where the new begins.


Aerial Yoga

It offers a stimulating and artistic experience, in which our inner child comes to life.

Classes offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


'' It’s really fascinating the way Saray transmits her intuition and respect for the body.

Every yoga class feels like a journey, where things unfold naturally, without pretension. You have the time to explore stillness and time to heat up and revitalize.

Every class with Saray is like a candy or a memoir that you bring along, perhaps forever. ''


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