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A heart project created by Yariel and Saray in The Hague 2021, at a time of great need for community reconnection and artistic exchange.

Marmalade is a journey of synergies, guided Jam sessions bringing together dancers, musicians and artists.

A non-profit project, based on donation. Open Level space, where the poetry of improvisation happens.

The Improvisation reconnect us with the art of listening.

Listening to our bodies, to the other movers, to the musical notes, to the spaces in between and textures, allowing the inner expression to manifest.


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Marmalade Cloud.png

Marmalade at CLOUD/Danslab, The Hague, 2022.

Marmalade at SeeLab, The Hague, 2023.

Marmalade 2021.png
Marmalade TreeTredici.jpeg

Marmalade at CLOUD/Danslab, The Hague, 2021.

Sacred Spiral (The Hague, Summer 2023)

In collaboration with Gerard ten Broek (Beach & Land Art creations), CHAKU CHAKU (Music Collective) & Marmalade Improv (Guidance Session).

13-2023-04-27 13.jpg
7-2023-04-27 13.jpg

Urban Fusion (The Hague, 2023)

In Collaboration with CHAKU CHAKU Music Collective & Marmalade Improv.

Marmalade is a Nomad Project, it moves to different locations of the city  to spread dance, music and art, to make the experience more accessible and complete.

We think is important to explore different spaces and feel inspired by the diversity of elements from our environment.

a BIG thanks to
our community!

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